47uf 450v electrolytic capacitor

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Design choicesAny salesperson skilled in the art of persuasion will try to convince youthat you need something you may not have even considered before. Perhapsthere is some merit to tacking on such extras, but at the very least theyshould be scrutinized before a decision is made. Helping you-the engineer-make aninformed design decision is the thrust of this week's In Focus section.

Inductor simulation could now be competed in 20 minutes with a few clicks of a computer mouse, S. C. Chien, division director of central research and development at UMC, said.

UMC's electromagnetic design methodology includes process-related information for electrogmagnetic simulation and is based on the use of the HFSS 3D simulation software from Ansoft Inc., the company said.

47uf 450v electrolytic capacitor

SAN JOSE, Calif. — The market, not IEEE standards bodies or government regulators, will have to sort out a standard for ultrawideband technology, said backers of competing approaches at the Bluetooth Americas conference here Thursday (Dec. 11).

Meanwhile an official from the Federal Communications Commission said regulators are gearing up for new rulings that could give the low power, high data rate wireless technology a boost.

Backers of multiband OFDM and direct sequence CDMA variants of UWB have been locked in a standards war in the IEEE 802.15.3a committee. The stalemate will probably last another 12 months, far beyond the group's next meeting in January in Vancouver, predicted Bob Heile, who heads that committee.

47uf 450v electrolytic capacitor

We'll be deadlocked again in Vancouver unless something really unusual happens like one side just doesn't show up. There's no substantive information that is going to change anyone's mind at this point. I think we'll just need to get experience in the marketplace,” said Heile in an interview with EE Times .

Indeed, Heile's company, Appairant Technologies Inc. (Attleboro, Mass.), plans to ship at least three non-standard UWB modules” in the coming year, he added.

47uf 450v electrolytic capacitor

The deadlock is really saying we don't have the information we need to make an intelligent decision. The marketplace needs to see these solutions. Right now we are debating about Powerpoint slides and simulations,” he added.

In the next year, products from both camps should start to emerge and go through FCC compliance testing and OEM qualifications. Meanwhile, regulators in Korea and Japan-and possibly Europe-may make initial rulings on UWB use in their geographies.

The structure is akin to a system backplane with boards that can be hot-swapped. In this case, rows of intellectual property (IP) are exchanged to modify the FPGA platform without having to repeat layout of the chip. That would allow Xilinx (San Jose, Calif.) to rapidly develop products tuned to the unique requirements of a given application but broad enough to be used by many customers.

Physically, the ASMBL dice are divided into equal-width vertical columns that run the full height of the die. Each column may contain programmable-logic fabric or hard IP, such as memory, DSP blocks, high-speed I/O and serdes blocks, general-purpose programmable I/O, a microprocessor core or any other IP that can be laid out in the tall, thin aspect ratio.

Metal layers 1 through 4 are dedicated to the circuitry in the column, but the upper metal layers in the nine-metal process are available for the FPGA's segmented programmable-interconnect fabric. I/O, supply and clock connections are made to land-grid array landings inside the columns, rather than on the periphery of the die, and then flip-chip-bonded to the package. The columns of circuitry would go through design closure as they were created, independently of their placement in a particular chip.

The aim is the ability to create an FPGA with a particular mix of resources very quickly, by assembling known-good columns and doing only a global route and final checks before tapeout. The uniform routing geometry provided by the columnar architecture also delivers a stable model to Xilinx's software development team-and, for that matter, to third-party software and IP developers. That should foster both quick software support for new chip configurations and, Xilinx hopes, a growing family of third-party IP and acquisitions to bring new columns to the architecture.

The net effect is that customers will get more of what they need for the price, said Per Holmberg, the director of programmable-systems marketing at Xilinx.

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