schottky diode vs diode

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Weitzman said that the team had already fabricated two- and three-layer metal structures, and found no limitations that would prevent using the porous film in up to six- or seven-layer structures.

Although Corrigan did not elaborate, LSI Logic executives acknowledged the importance of DSPs to the company's future, and noted that LSI Logic has already compiled a large portfolio of DSP intellectual property.

DSPs are critical to our wireless strategy,” said Giuseppe Staffaroni, vice president and general manager of LSI Logic's Communications Products Group, which develops LAN, WAN, and wireless chips.

schottky diode vs diode

For ZSP, the acquisition gives it instant market clout, something the company has failed to achieve on its own.

Even though the ZSP architecture is quite meritorious, they didn't have the financial muscle to ensure they could provide the millions of units necessary to take on major market customers,” said analyst Will Strauss of Forward Concepts Co. (Tempe, Ariz.). LSI Logic has the financial wherewithal that ZSP couldn't provide themselves.”

To date, LSI Logic has licensed the Carmel DSP core from Infineon Technologies AG, and the Pine and Oak cores from DSP Group Inc. LSI Logic is also a MIPS licensee, and is believed to be evaluating the MIPS Radiax DSP extensions offered by Lexra Inc. ZSP represents LSI Logic's first outright purchase of a DSP technology provider.

schottky diode vs diode

Some analysts said LSI Logic may be falling behind in the wireless-chip market and is looking to jump-start its business.

The company was supposed to ship a CDMA chip set in the first quarter that used an Oak DSP core, among other components. But the product was delayed by about six months because of integration issues, according to sources. LSI Logic is also developing a CDMA device for the 3G wireless standard in an effort to keep pace with DSP Communications, VLSI Technology, and Qualcomm.

schottky diode vs diode

Analysts said the ZSP architecture could be tailored to wireless-handset applications but would require significantly lower power dissipation.

Founded in 1996, ZSP introduced its first product, the ZSP16401, early in 1998. ZSP uses a superscalar architecture with a five-stage pipeline comprising dual multiply-accumulate and arithmetic logic units. Analysts said of all the architectures available, ZSP's comes closest to providing an alternative to TI's VLIW-based TMS320C6X architecture.

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