adjustable resistor symbol

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Click here to review the GPS7500's datasheet.

In addition to integrated Bluetooth functionality, the BCM2042 includes a direct interface to a keyboard key scan matrix, optical mouse logic and an on-board boost regulator to provide the 3.3V of power required to operate a mouse LED.

Broadcom says only a few external crystals and passive components are required to design a complete product.

adjustable resistor symbol

In addition, the chip includes a built-in hardware interface to power-efficient Agilent sensors, the leading cordless optical mouse sensors on the market.

Miltronic presenterar en helt ny teknologi som 3-dimensionellt kan avläsa upp till 500 RFID-tags parallellt i en ny typ av avkänningstunnel. – Med den nya avkänningen som vi nu ha kan vi känna av många olika produkter i en färdigpackad låda. Vi kan tillexempel kvalitetskontrollera paket och se att allt som var tänkt finns med säger Rickard Forsman, produktchef på Miltronic. Den nya tekniken som följer ISO 18000-3 Mode 2 (PJM) standarden ger också högre bandbredd för avkänningen vilken tillåter att man läser upp till 500 RFID tags per sekund.

adjustable resistor symbol

Melbourne, Fla. — MTL Surge Technologies is offering three levels of protection to IEC 61312 with its new MA3100 series. These include the Class I lightening current arrester, Class II surge current arrester and Class III surge protector. Each product features a space-savings DIN rail mounted design.

The single-pole, Class I device, rated for 60 kA (10/350 microseconds), offers levels of protection significantly higher than what's called for in an IEC 61643, Class I device.It's the most compact of the three MA3100 devices, measuring 18-mm wide.

adjustable resistor symbol

Rated at 45 kA (8/20 microseconds), the Class II device offers both single-pole and multi-pole (single and three phase) models. These surge current arresters are designed to work as standalone units and in cascade coordination with a Class I lightning arrester. Class II devices are available in single-width modules for maximum flexibility, double-width for all-mode protection on single-phase systems and quad-width modules for all-mode protection on 3-phase systems. Many Class II modules have remote monitoring capabilities as a standard feature.

Class III devices add RFI/EMI filtering in addition to surge protection. They are used to protect a single instrument.

With the mobile phone market shifting to 3G, It did not make sense to offer a 2G chip now,” Philippe Geyres, ST's executive vice president, said here at the 3GSM World Congress. The cancellation is one of Geyres' first significant decisions since taking the helm last fall of a restructured ST organization that combines digital consumer electronics and wireless businesses.

Geyres added that ST has now completely redirected the company's R&D efforts on wireless LAN chips to the cellphone market.”

Programs ST killed include a joint project with Texas Instruments to develop CDMA chip sets originally developed with Nokia. The plan, announced in May 2003, was to market the chip sets to handset manufacturers worldwide for cdma2000 1X and 1xEV-DV (1x evolution for data and voice) mobile Internet handsets. Geyres said, We stopped our efforts because the CDMA chip set market, outside of Nokia, simply didn't exist.”

Geyres justified the moves, described as streamlining the company's wireless business, as necessary for seeking new opportunities. Those include acceleration of ST's development efforts in Bluetooth, wireless LAN and DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcast ” Handheld). Also planned is introduction of its Nomadik processor as part of a mobile phone platform integrated with software stacks and key peripherals rather than as a standalone application processor.

Will Strauss, president of market researcher Forward Concepts (Tempe, Ariz.), called ST's move to abandon 2G GSM modem development a good business decision.” He added, They were too late.”

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