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OCP defines an open hardware rack that includes storage but what will be a future need is physical and logical management, including storage management,” said Wayne M. Adams, Chair of the Storage Networking Industry Association that also is developing an open source version of its Cloud Data Management Interface for Openstack.

Hard disks still have a long future, however, due to the high cost of flash and the heavy demand for storage. We see no end in sight for our business building semis for the hard drive industry,” he said.

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TV07RW-21-39AC_Datasheet PDF

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TV07RW-21-39AC_Datasheet PDF

SAN FRANCISCO — More than a decade into the social networking era, engineers are broadly engaged with these platforms but are highly protective of their privacy and very reluctant to use them to make their jobs easier and more productive, according to a new EE Times survey.

We circulated a 21-question poll earlier this summer and received more than 800 responses from readers. Specifically, the survey was intended to uncover attitudes towards Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

TV07RW-21-39AC_Datasheet PDF

Virtually all engineers are aware of social networking sites and platforms and fully 70 percent use them. (Blogs and community sites — including commenting on articles and blogs — are already widely used, thus the survey didn't address those forms of social interaction since their usage is well known.)

But, significantly, nearly a third don't use social networks at all, largely because they feel such use is a waste of time” or not relevant to their life and work.

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PARIS – Texas Instruments announced it has introduced the ADS1299, a low noise, 8-channel, 24-Bit Analog Front End (AFE) for biopotential measurements.

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