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As a result, there will be some effect in the second quarter, perhaps in the third quarter.” The impact will last primarily one quarter” but no more than two quarters,” Chang said.      

In order to increase operation time especially of battery-driven portable devices, the internal components must deliver added functionality. Meeting this requirement, the ambient light sensor and proximity sensor blocks of the BH1771GLC family feature intermittent operation that further reduces power consumption.

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LONDON – Billionaire investor Carl Icahn has written an open letter to the shareholders of EDA software licensor Mentor Graphics Corp. attacking the performance of the board, highlighting the CEO's pay and arguing that a board including his nominees need not be focused solely on selling the company.

The letter is part of a battle for control being waged by Icahn and the current board of directors ahead of Mentor's annual shareholder meeting, currently set for May 12. The letter, calling for shareholders to vote for Icahn's three nominees to become directors of the company, follows on from the Mentor board's rejection of a $1.9 billion takeover bid from Icahn.

In the latest letter Icahn argues that the entrenched” board has failed to hold management accountable to shareholders and that the Mentor share price is now at approximately the same value it was in 1994 shortly after Wally Rhines took over as CEO, while since then Rhines has received $65 million in compensation.

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Icahn asserts that over the same period the company's sales, general and administrative (SG&A) costs have increased faster than its annual revenue. Since 1994, Mentor's annualized revenue growth was 5.3 percent while its annualized SG&A growth was 5.7 percent. This has led SG&A as a percentage of total revenues to increase to 46 percent,” Ichan states in the letter adding that it is absurd” that Mentor has not been able do better.

A second complaint outlined in the letter is that Mentor has significantly diluted its shareholders holdings by increasing the number of outstanding shares from 68.3 million on Jan. 1, 2004 to 112.3 million on March 31, 2011.

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Icahn adds that a Mentor board of directors containing his nominees would not be focused solely on selling the company, but could implement management controls to reduce costs and use cash flow to buy back shares and improve earnings per share.

Ichan's nominees are: Jose Maria Alapont, CEO of Federal-Mogul Corp.; Gary Meyers, former senior executive at Synopsys and CEO of Synplicity; and David Schechter, manager of the Sargon Portfolio for Icahn Capital, which is a 14.3 percent stake holder in Mentor.

The market watcher estimates shipments of 40G Ethernet chips will be well under 100,000 units in 2013 and well under half a million in 2014, according to Wheeler.

Mellanox has long been the only merchant supplier of Infiniband chips. Since 2007 it has supported Ethernet along with Infiniband on its host chips as a way to expand its market.

Switch X consumes about 2W per 56 Gbit/s Infiniband port, 1.5W on 40GE ports and 0.62W on 10GE ports. That's about on par with competing Ethernet devices some of which require external physical layer components that the Switch X integrates.

The chip has a latency of 165 nanoseconds over 56G Infiniband and 250 ns on Ethernet. That's about on par with Fulcrum's Ethernet latency and lower than the 500 ns or greater latency of other competitors, said Wheeler.

Switch X is the first chip to support the new 56 Gbit/s rate for Infiniband using four lanes of 14 Gbits/s. Mellanox aims to ship later this year host adapter chips to support the other end of the fast links.

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