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The new device is a complete Bluetooth Low Energy solution,” according to Ram Machness, business director for automotive wireless connectivity solutions at TI. The chip is integrated with RF, MCU, and flash memory. It also features TI’s royalty-free Bluetooth low energy stack software and sample applications, including over-the-air download support for in-field updates.

That’s not a meaningful calculation. That calculation doesn’t have any meaning, but that’s the math,” Vellturo said.

In a break in testimony, Quinn asked Judge Lucy H. Koh to admit details of a separate case between Apple and Motorola that discussed a patent licensed for 60 cents. Without that information, the jury will have to make a decision without any real world information about licensing for a smartphone,” he told Koh.

D38999/24KH21AB_Datasheet PDF

Judge Koh said the Motorola case was very different in many respects including patent claims, claim construction, alternatives to infringement and other factors. I think [introducing the Motorola materials] would be very confusing for this jury, they already have a lot to absorb,” she said.

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Electronics engineers, physicists, biologists, and physicians will jointly develop a range of sensors for medical applications. The ESSENCE life science project is coordinated by the Darmstadt Technical University and bundles the expertise of several German universities.

D38999/24KH21AB_Datasheet PDF

Funded with 6 million Euros (about $8.3 million US dollars) for three years, the ESSENCE project will devise innovative sensor concepts and technologies for biomedical analytics and diagnostics. The goal includes the development of electromagnetic sensors in the millimeter and terahertz wave range. By means of these sensors, the scientists hope to fathom out the spatial structure of molecules that can be utilized for the localization and treatment of tumors. Other applications include the analysis of vascular walls. In the area of molecular biology, those sensors will help to determine the interaction of protein and nucleic acids.

Currently available imaging equipment such as computer tomography or magnetic resonance tomography does not help us to analyze processes at the cell level like vascular deposits,” said Georg Rose from the Otto-Guericke University of Magdeburg, one of the scientists who manages the project. With ultrasound technology or optical coherence tomography we can determine the geometries of such deposits but they don’t provide hints as to their nature or danger. Within the ESSENCE program we will develop sensors that provide answers to exactly these questions.”

D38999/24KH21AB_Datasheet PDF

The ESSENCE program is closely interlocked with the STIMULATE project dedicated to the development of image-guided minimally invasive therapies. These therapies could help to hold the cost explosion in public healthcare at bay and focus on widespread diseases in the areas of oncology, neurology, and vascular diseases.

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Next up we have The Room ($0.99) and its sequel, The Room Two ($2.99). The photo-realistic graphics on these little beauties are no less than sumptuous.

In The Room, you start off with a cabinet that contains lots of secret panels, accesses, and moving parts. Using the iPad’s touch screen, you can spin the cabinet around, zoom in and out, and manipulate things so as to solve the multi-layered puzzles. I really love these games, not the least because they’ve kept my wife, Gina the Gorgeous, occupied for hours.

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The Energy Pipelines Cooperative Research Centre and Deakin University of Australia are working on an innovative sensor able to monitor corrosion-related pipeline damage.

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