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Freescale increases pulse of healthcare apps

This article originally appeared on EE Times Europe.

CML Microsystems has acquired the exclusive rights to the RALCWI low bit-rate vocoder products from Spirit Corp., (Spirit), a Moscow based software company.

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CML originally licensed RALCWI from Spirit a few years ago to run on its proprietary system on chip (SoC) DSP technology after playing a key role in its specification, and has continued to enhance the performance and feature-set of the product.

RALCWI is a low bit rate vocoder technology that facilitates the transmission and reception of highly compressed voice over inherently noisy narrowband radio channels. In this area, RALCWI is positioned to address the high quantity/low cost, digital PMR/LMR markets. Mass voice storage is also an interesting area for highly compressed digital voice, reducing overall memory and backup requirements.

David Brooke, Head of Product Strategy, said, The global installed base of analogue PMR/LMR radio products is estimated at over 30 million units and the transition to digital technology has commenced. RALCWI has a key role to play in addressing the technical and commercial requirements of certain market segments and full ownership of the technology is an important step in CML fully exploiting the market opportunities that we see. This is the first stage in an exciting phase of developments from CML, as it provides the underlying technology for digital voice solutions comparable in cost and performance to those in established analogue radio markets.”

KJA0T15F19PBL27_Datasheet PDF

For further information: http://www.cmlmicro.com .

This article originally appeared on EE Times Europe.

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Wolfson Microelectronics has announced a single-chip audio processor that could, potentially, replace up to five of its discrete ICs in mobile devices, including mobile phones, tablet PCs and other handheld media devices. The WM5100 also represents the first extensible solution using algorithms either developed by the customer or purchased from Wolfson.

The SoC integrates much of the functionality previously found in the company's AudioHUB and MyZone ANC categories, but as well as increased integration the WM5100 is claimed to offer greater performance at lower power. But by integrating three bespoke DSP cores, customers now have greater access to the device's performance, through their own or licensed algorithms.

More Information: Product Webpage

STMicroelectronics has started offering engineering samples of its smallest 6 degrees of freedom (6 DoF) device in its iNEMO inertial module family.

Designated LSM330DLC, the multi-sensor device integrates three-axis sensing of linear and angular motion in a 4 x 5 x 1 mm package , yielding a size reduction of almost half over competitive parts, according to the company. The LSM330DLC is aimed at delivering better user experience and motion-sensing in mobile phones, gaming controls and other consumer electronics.

The LSM330DLC is fully software-compatible with ST's latest-generation 3-axis digital accelerometers (LIS3DH) and gyroscopes (L3GD20), making it easy for customers using ST's single-function sensors to upgrade their designs.

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