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Two presentations at IEDM showed off the current capabilities, and some of the limitations, of plastic semiconductors.

That fab, which was acquired from Rockwell International, is set up for production of flash memory.

Last week, the company lowered its sales forecast for the fourth quarter of 2000, citing weak demand for its microprocessor lines and other products.

CTVS06RF-15-15HE-LC_Datasheet PDF

The disclosure represented the second consecutive quarter that the company issued a warning about its sales forecast.

In the third quarter of this year, Intel, Santa Clara, Calif., also announced it would report lower-than-expected sales.

TechWeb's Mark Hachman contributed to this report .

CTVS06RF-15-15HE-LC_Datasheet PDF

SAN FRANCISCO — Agere Systems is using a novel aerosol deposition method to produce floating gates in an effort to make flash memories more reliable and less expensive. The method, developed at the California Institute of Technology (Pasedena, Calif.), was described Wednesday (Dec. 13) at the International Electron Devices Meeting.

The aerosol-based method can deposit and integrate a thin, dense, uniform layer of silicon-based nanocrystals onto a device. Agere Systems, the recently-renamed Microelectronics Group of Lucent Technologies, is using the approach to form a floating gate in the gate dielectric of a 0.2-micron field effect transistor.

CTVS06RF-15-15HE-LC_Datasheet PDF

As the insulating layer on these electrical devices become thinner and thinner, they always are more vulnerable to leaks,” said Martin Green, a researcher at Agere Systems. The film of silicon balls is believed to make the floating gate less susceptible to leakage as the device geometry is reduced, the company said.

In the Caltech-Agere process, the spherical nanocrystals are made away from a wafer in a separate pyrolysis furnace from diluted silane cooked under nitrogen at 950C. The silicon particles ranged in size from 3 nanometers in diameter up to 13 nanometers. These are then moved into an oxidation furnace where a coating of silicon dioxide is formed on the nanocrystals before they are transferred to the wafer.

According to a statement from Planar, industry sources estimate the installed ATM market base at close to 700,000 units worldwide.

As it shifts from military to commercial displays, the company has also altered its production practices, increasingly outsourcing its manufacturing offshore.

In August, Planar signed a subcontract with CEI Contract Manufacturing Ltd., Singapore, to assemble electroluminescent front-end modules.

Planar also announced it was moving its LCD-panel assembly operations to China under a contract with Truly Semiconductors Ltd., Hong Kong. Previously, Planar assembled LCDs in various U.S. locations.

In the fourth quarter, Planar's international sales were up 63% from the same period last year.

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