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The WPX power management process technology is a versatile low capacitance linear bipolar process providing excellent functionality at a low cost. The lateral PNP transistors have been improved along with better control of the gain functions. Features such as high-value poly resistors and nitride capacitors and two-layer metal allow low-current circuits to be built with high packing densities. The resulting designs have very low leakage currents and low flicker noise – important functions in critical power management designs.

After Motorola's annual meeting Monday, the company said a preliminary tally of stockholder proxy votes indicated that Icahn lost his bid for a director's seat. At the same time, Motorola CEO Ed Zander said the company next week will show new mobile devices based on 3G and Java technologies.

The announcement wasn't lost on some stockholders, who noted that Zander came to Motorola in 2004 after a stint as president of Sun Microsystems(SUNW). This week Sun, the main developer of Java, announced that it will unveil new mobile phone software based on new Java technologies.

CTVPS00RF-23-21PA-LC_Datasheet PDF

Icahn, who represented nearly 3% of Motorola's stockholders, began his drive to change Motorola in January, after the company posted dismal financial results. Initially, Zander rode Motorola's popular Razr handsets to higher revenue and profits, but then handset competition set in and the company had to lower prices to the point where Motorola's sales and earnings suffered.

Icahn took some last feeble shots at Motorola and at Zander at the annual meeting, but late support for Motorola management from the California Public Employees' Retirement System helped derail his efforts to nab a director's seat. Icahn said a few large mutual funds doomed his campaign when they threw their support to Zander and Motorola top management. Icahn said he had support from smaller funds and individual investors.

We are focused on executing our plan to improve the performance of our mobile devices business and building upon the strength of our strong Networks & Enterprise and Connected Home Solutions business,” said Zander in a statement after the meeting. During the past few months, we have met with and listened to a large number of our stockholders, including Mr. Icahn, and we value their insights and perspective regarding Motorola.”

CTVPS00RF-23-21PA-LC_Datasheet PDF

Icahn, who had previously launched stinging personal attacks against Zander, became conciliatory at the meeting. There's no reason they shouldn't have welcomed me with open arms,” Icahn told laughing stockholders. I mean, heck, I'm a nice guy.”

Zander recognized Icahn at the start of the meeting and set the tone for a gentlemanly proceeding.

CTVPS00RF-23-21PA-LC_Datasheet PDF

Icahn said he will keep his Motorola investment; the firm's stock dropped in early trading Tuesday. It's a very, very good investment,” Icahn said, speaking with reporters after the meeting. It's just a question of do they have good enough management to carry it home.”

SAN FRANCISCO — Call it the jPhone. At JavaOne Tuesday (May 8), Sun Microsystems debuted software for a high-end cellphone that looked very similar to the Apple iPhone. Sun said handsets based on its software could someday be the devices that bring most users in developing countries to the Internet for the first time.

We are going to increase the sales of microcontrollers and system-on-chip solutions beyond the market growth, but shrinking flash memory sales will cancel the growth. Thus, the business will be flat,” said Ito.

Renesas is withdrawing from the flash memory business. Flash memory is expected to account for about 10 percent of sales this fiscal year.

Capital investment for the current fiscal year will total about ¥70 billion ($583 million), ¥10 billion ($83 million) less than last year. About ¥30 billion ($250 million) was invested in a 300-mm wafer line, expanding monthly capacity to 16,000 wafers.

The capacity at present just meets the demand. We'll expand the capacity if demand increases,” Ito said. Renesas is budgeting about ¥20 billion ($166 million) for the 300-mm line this year.

Renesas remains heavily dependent on domestic sales, which account for about 60 percent of total sales. Increasing overseas sales is a strategic focus. We want to increase sales in China, which now account for about 10 percent in the total sales,” said Ito.

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