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Xilinx Corporate Vice President, FPGA Development and Silicon Technology, Liam Madden, will jumpstart Xilinx’s activities by discussing the benefits and drawbacks of 3D IC standards in the Why Do We Need 3D Design Standards? panel. Xilinx industry experts will also present papers on Stacked Silicon Interposer technology and the design benefits of using the Zynq-7000 Extensible Processing Platform (EPP).

If you require a small application, then you don't need an IVR system to run Liaison since an on-line database is sufficient. With larger deployments, Liaison can work in conjunction with your IVR system.

Speech Rec From IVR Vendors

DIV40G15-18PAC001_Datasheet PDF

InterVoice-Brite's (Dallas, TX) SpeechAccess is software that lets you integrate speech recognition tools from Nuance and SpeechWorks with InterVoice-Brite's IVR system.

InVision is the graphical user interface that lets you create and modify your call flow scripts. Its drag and drop icons represent DialogModules from SpeechWorks and SpeechObjects from Nuance. The toolkits within InVision are specific to either Nuance's or SpeechWorks' software, depending on which vendor's product you use. When you add words or make changes to your call script, InVision offers you all the possible synonyms that callers might use for the particular word that you are including in the speech application.

The cost to speech-enable your InterVoice-Brite IVR system starts at $1,500 per port. InterVoice-Brite also offers upgrades if you are using an older version of its IVR system. The company says that you need at least an 800-megahertz processor to run speech recognition.

DIV40G15-18PAC001_Datasheet PDF

The travel industry is one of the markets that has become a major adopter of IVR and speech recognition. However, Greg Smith, InterVoice-Brite's senior vice president of sales and marketing, says that IVR was never big in the travel industry until travel companies began to implement speech recognition. He cites Travelocity.com, a customer of InterVoice-Brite, as an example of a company that began using an IVR system only after it decided to use speech recognition.

Smith recommends that when you first implement speech recognition, you should assist callers by using directed questions until they get used to speech recognition and are comfortable enough to speak in natural sentences.

DIV40G15-18PAC001_Datasheet PDF

The latest version of Syntellect's (Phoenix, AZ) Vista IVR platform supports Nuance's speech recognition software. Vista's Speech Reco Lite is an entry-level application that is based on Nuance's Express software. It recognizes continuous strings of digits, yes-and-no responses and alphanumeric phrases. Syntellect has plans to integrate with speech recognition software from other vendors in the near future.

Periphonics' (a subsidiary of Nortel Networks; Bohemia, NY) VPS/is IVR system works with software from Nuance and Philips. The VPS/is Open Signal Computing and Analysis (OSCAR) speech platform runs on Sun Solaris, Unix and Windows NT servers. Using the PeriProducer graphical user interface, you can develop your speech applications.

Hyundai executives now believe they see the see-saw DRAM cycle leveling out and that consolidation is yielding a better balance between DRAM supply and demand. We think that with fewer people in the market, and with fabs becoming more and more expensive, the overall market will be stabilized,” says Sang Park, COO of the group. This could be the end of the semiconductor cycle.”

DRAM vendors have typically made the bulk of their profits during periods of shortage, when they could charge higher prices for the memory chips. Then they would use those profits to increasing their production capacity. But, the proliferation of fabs soon creates an oversupply of DRAM chips and prices plummet.

Now, Park says, the DRAM market has consolidated and just four vendors account for three-quarters of all DRAM chips sold. That's down from eight vendors in 1996. Over the same period, the cost of a fab has jumped from $1.5 billion to an estimated $2.5 billion now for a state-of-the-art 300-mm wafer fab.

With fewer players, Park expects the long-term result will be a balance between supply and demand. We believe this will be a very stable market in the years to come,” Park predicts.

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