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Even if RFID is adopted for the drug-tracking application, the hoped-for market could fail to pan out if pharmaceutical companies insist on a 100 percent read rate for the tags or if the technology proves too costly. RFID could take the fall for the failure of pharmaceutical e-pedigrees, some observers warned, if drug providers see a way to delay the infrastructure buildout by faulting the technology.

There is a fundamental system-level design question that companies will grapple with,” said Sarma. While the [RFID] technology is there today, read rates will never be 100 percent. That's a truth that comes from physics. The problem is that implementers often mistakenly demand that each portal deliver 100 percent read rates, and they spend more and more on readers and antennas to get to that mythical number. At some point, the cost becomes prohibitive.”

TVS07RF-25-90P-LC_Datasheet PDF

Robin Koh, chief strategy officer at SupplyScape, a service provider of supply chain management for the pharmaceutical industry, believes 2008 will be the pivotal year for the e-pedigree market. But he cautioned that the eventual e-pedigree implementation might change from the current shape and form.”

There's a disjoint between regulatory needs and commercial needs,” Koh said. On one hand, the regulatory bodies are pushing e-pedigree to make drugs safer. On the other hand, pharmaceutical executives appear more intrigued by RFID's speed as an inventory control tool than by its security aspects.

TVS07RF-25-90P-LC_Datasheet PDF

Koh said he sees an opportunity for technology suppliers to educate the pharmaceutical industry on the technology's poten- tial role in product security.”

MIT's Sarma agreed, saying, It is useful to examine why e-pedigree is in vogue. The real problem driving the discussion is the scourge of counterfeiting; this is the problem Congress wants dealt with.”

TVS07RF-25-90P-LC_Datasheet PDF

Secure tags, safe drugsThat's where Atmel sees an opening. Eustace Asanghanwa, field applications manager for Atmel's CryptoRF and CryptoMemory products, noted that the CryptoRF products provide mutual authentication capability, 64-bit unreadable encryption and authentication keys, unique keys for each device, unique keys for each session, and the ability to set permissions (no-access, read only, read/write) for specific zones. The family also provides authentication attempt counters, which destroy the chip after four to eight failed tries, and a dual authentication mode.

CryptoRF provides mutual authentication. It is virtually impossible to copy or read the secret information inside,” Asanghanwa said. Anything less robust is too easy to counterfeit. Passwords, even when encrypted, can often be read directly from the tag and can be captured during a transition.”

Pricing: 80-Channel USB M Series devices: from $1,599; BNC USB M Series devices: from $1,599 and NI USB-9237: from $1,299Product information: data acquisition devices

National Instruments , 1-800-258-7022,

Lattice Semiconductor and Silicon Laboratories (a leader in high-performance, analog-intensive, mixed-signal ICs) have announced that they will cooperate in the marketing of ITU G.707 and GR-253-CORE compliant solutions for telecom applications that provide customers with flexibility, high performance and quicker time to market.

LatticeSC and LatticeSCM FPGAs ('LatticeSC/M' FPGAs) provide field programmability and a built-in SONET PCS block to accelerate market entry. Silicon Labs' Si5023 multi-rate clock and data recovery (CDR) device, new Any-Rate Si570 programmable crystal oscillator (XO) and Si5326 Any-Rate precision clock, simplify OC-3/12/48 timing architectures and ensure compliance with SONET/SDH jitter specifications.

LatticeSC/M FPGA devices, with their industry-exclusive SONET flexiPCS block, enable telecom equipment vendors to implement programmable SONET/SDH solutions at a lower cost, lower power and faster time to market. Additional embedded IP is also available on the MACO-enabled LatticeSCM devices to build high performance Packet over SONET (PoS) bridges and gaskets.

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