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The chip required an entirely new device topology and special analog device design considerations. HPL met our challenge of a three-week delivery for a difficult new MuGFET test chip,” said Michael Gostkowski, a senior project manager at ATDF, in a statement.

Auctions can last from 10 minutes to several hours. The final few minutes usually are the most intense, since many suppliers wait until near the end to submit their lowest bids. The Mint system itself resides on four of Motorola's Sun Solaris servers, but the auctions can be coordinated from any location. A war room” is set up with several phone lines and high-speed Internet-connected computers. LCD projectors typically display what's happening on the PC screens, while commodity managers in remote locations often are conferenced in by telephone to discuss bids and strategies. Motorola finds it helpful to designate a single person to handle all messages to and from bidders.

Although suppliers can call in with questions, bids must be placed online, and participants are cautioned as the auction closing approaches not to wait too long, because system delays could prevent their bid from being received in time.

CTV06RQW-25-20SC-LC_Datasheet PDF

The final evaluation stage commences after the last bids are submitted, either by auction or negotiations, and before the contracts are awarded. That's where buyers use the Mint system's optimization capabilities to evaluate all the possible variables and scenarios in calculating the lowest total cost of ownership.

For instance, a Motorola buyer may want to select the three lowest-cost suppliers that can provide just-in-time delivery in both Asia and the United States, while directing at least 40 percent of the volume to one preferred supplier and a minimum of 10 percent to another, minority contractor. The optimization tool lets users quickly input those and other parameters, then compares all the possible award combinations and calculates the best solution based on the user's own priorities. If the buyer wants to see the effect of adding a fourth supplier or changing the delivery requirements or schedule, the system can quickly provide alternate scenarios for comparison.

It's completely flexible,” said Morris. You've just got to make sure you've included and considered all the variables that are driving your total cost.”

CTV06RQW-25-20SC-LC_Datasheet PDF

— Russ Arensman

Cynics might say Reptron Electronics Inc. had a death wish. How else can you explain jumping from the cutthroat world of electronics components distribution into the ultracompetitive contract-manufacturing business?

CTV06RQW-25-20SC-LC_Datasheet PDF

That's exactly what Reptron did at the height of the last market recession–but contrary to expectations in some quarters, the company appears to be engineering a textbook turnaround of its fortunes.

Approximately 15 months after selling its distribution business, and just under a year after a Chapter 11 filing to get out from under a heavy debt load, Reptron is building a solid niche as a midtier EMS company in the medium-volume medical, industrial and instrumentation markets. The company is offering more turnkey services and looking to expand internationally, especially in Asia.

Roseville, Calif. — R2 Controls' R108 Hypercore microprocessor core module, based on the 8051 core has been designed to simplify integration and engineering of embedded microcontroller projects.

Based on the Silicon Laboratories 8051 cpu, the Hypercore combines 64K flash, 128K SRAM with battery backup, precision 12 bit Analog I/O and 30+ digital I/O blocks. The Silicon Laboratories C8051F020 processor runs at 22.1 MHz with pipelined instruction architecture executing 70 percent of the instructions in 1 to 3 system clocks. The unit also offers serial communications capabilities and connectors to enhance integration.

The processor has two configurable groups of A/D converters. The primary group consists of 8 dedicated channels of 12 bit resolution. The secondary 8 channels of 8 bit resolutions are available by reprogramming I/O port pins via the internal crossbar.

Communications capabilities include two Serial Ports, one RS232 and one TTL. SPI and I2C are also supported. A JTAG port is provided for connecting to a PC for programming in C. Basic programming is accomplished through the Serial Port. Five 16-bit timers are available. The Hypercore operates at 5-9VDC and consumes less than 0.25 watts. Power Monitoring and Sleep Mode functions are supported.

R2 Controls provides a choice of two Hypercore Module development kits to facilitate the rapid and effective utilization of the R108 Hypercore Microprocessor Core Module. The Basic” Hypercore Development Kit is used for programming in BASIC and includes the Development Board, the R108 Hypercore Core Module, the Power Transformer, a Serial Cable and a CD with the Basic Interpreter Software, the API, the operating instructions and sample programs. The Deluxe” Development Kit contains all of these components, plus a Programming Adapter and Cable, which enable the R108 Hypercore to be programmed in C.

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