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Für das zweite Halbjahr erwartet Elmos-CEO Anton Mindl eine Belebung der Nachfrage und damit eine Verbesserung der Geschäftstätigkeit. Mindl rechnet mit einer Umsatzsteigerung von mindestens 10 Prozent”.

ISC , a thirty year old consulting firm that began offering workforce management software seven years ago, has a suite called Irene . Irene is available as software, or as a hosted system. Add-ons include a training module.

Pipkins offers two systems: Maxima Advantage Vantage Point on the high end, and an affordable, hosted system called WorkforceScheduling. Com . Both use Pipkins' patented Merlang algorithms.


Portage Communications makes three applications targeted at the 10-75 agent call center. Call Center Designer tells you what you'll need to get the service level you want and SimACD tells you what will happen with what you've got. AgentTime is Portage's scheduling application.

Canadian software company Calabrio was known as OdySoft until it officially changed its name to match its flagship product last fall. Calabrio boasts one-step scheduling.”

GMT's workforce management system is called GMT Planet . The Jupiter Edition can schedule every employee — from agents to janitors. Optional features include the cleverly named Mission Control reader board application. GMT offers an affordable Express version for smaller centers.


Left Bank Solutions' specializes in small and mid-sized call centers. Its Monet Workforce Management System comes in hosted and software versions.



Workforce management systems for huge call centers will be a breed apart from those for the smaller center, but the differences between small to large center systems aren't as great as one might think. And just because your center's small doesn't mean you need an entry-level system, says Aspect's Brett Williams. An entry-level tool is appropriate for a straight-forward, simplistic call center that doesn't have a lot of rules that they need to comply with, as far as its agents' schedules.”

Bill Durr adds: Some entrylevel solutions make the simplifying assumption that agents are interchangeable cogs, all performing at the skill group average. The irony is that the error this introduces into the model is particularly difficult for smaller centers to manage. And, scalability can become an issue. Perhaps the biggest drawback to entry-level solutions is that they have no inherent growth path. I mean this in two senses. First, the center may grow in size. Second, more likely the center management team matures with experience and demands more from the infrastructure.”

Integration beyond the level of data compatibility becomes a much deeper question. Many systems, including training delivery and quality assurance, are employed in areas beyond the contact center. Do you want to require all your systems to employ the same interface and run on the same platform? Where do you draw the line, and how do you make the tradeoffs between the value of integration and the merits of individual best-of-breed applications?

LONDON — George Scalise, president of the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) gave a warning that there are signs that inventory is being built in some electronic product areas in the expectation of growing markets, while rising energy prices could erode consumer confidence and spending.

Scalise made the comment in a statement that announced worldwide chip sales in Q1 2006 had risen by 7.3 percent compared with Q1 2005.

End market demand, capacity utilization, and inventories are the most critical factors affecting industry growth. End market demand remains generally strong, and capacity utilization continues to be above 90 percent,” Scalise said.

We will be closely watching the inventory situation, especially in market segments for consumer products. Rapidly rising energy prices remain a concern,” he added.

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