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The project is presently rolled out in 13 countries, including the USA, Australia and Taiwan, Infineon said. The company declined to specify the order volume.

That review was recently completed. Maxim expects to restate its historical financial statements for the fiscal years 2000 through 2005 and the related interim periods through March 25, and to record additional non-cash, stock-based compensation expense related to past stock-option grants.

PARIS – Telecom equipement provider Alcatel-Lucent and chipmaker Freescale Semiconductor Inc. annouced their collaboration in order to facilitate the adoption of fiber-to-the home (FTTH) technologies. In this sense, they intend to co-develop GPON technology and interoperability specifications to vendors of terminal equipment worldwide.


It is fully expected that this move will help eliminate industry barriers toward multi-vendor interoperability and enable service providers to select GPON terminal equipment in nearly any configuration they desire at competitive prices”, commented Dirk Van den Berghen, President of Alcatel-Lucent’s access activities, in a statement.

The agreement will enable Freescale to license critical technologies, including reference designs and support, for gigabit passive optical networking (GPON) that is compliant with Alcatel-Lucent’s 7342 ISAM fiber-to-the-user (FFTU) product family.

Alcatel-Lucent said it would also support services required to promote interoperability through a separate agreement.


Both partners indicated that, as part of the collaboration, manufacturers of GPON terminal equipment would be able to procure system-on-chip silicon from Freescale.

Freescale’s ongoing collaboration with Alcatel-Lucent gives customers access to exceptional software and systems expertise while helping to drive industry-wide adoption of advanced fiber-to-the-home technology,” declared Lynelle McKay, senior vice president and general manager of Freescale’s Networking and Computing Systems Group. This important technology milestone, a result of combining Freescale’s GPON SoC capabilities with Alcatel-Lucent’s broadband system leadership, ultimately benefits subscribers who can look forward to a greater choice of broadband services in the future.”


MÜNCHEN — Die TV-Geräteindustrie hat 2007 zum Jahr der hochauflösenden Bilder” ausgerufen. Die Branche hofft auf den Durchbruch für die HDTV-Technik.

Nach Berechnungen des Branchenverbands gfu, einem Zusammenschluss von europäischen und japanischen Herstellern von Geräten für die Consumer-Elektronik, wird der Absatz von HDTV-tauglichen Fernsehgeräten im laufenden Jahr um 60 Prozent auf 3,5 Millionen Stück zunehmen. Bislang stießen diese Geräte am Markt nur bedingt auf Gegenliebe.

RFMD continues to develop architectures, circuits and components that improve the efficiency and performance of next-generation mobile communication devices. Our new DC/DC converters are very complementary to the open-loop polar modulationarchitecture of our POLARIS EDGE transceivers and are optimizedfor superior performance with our family of EDGE and WCDMA poweramplifiers,” said Eric Creviston, corporate vice president of RFMD's Cellular Products Group.

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Verint Systems and Witness Systems are coming together: Verint announced this morning that it was buying Witness.

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