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With the launch of eCOG1, Cyan Technology delivers a device that will find its place in many consumer products ranging from PDAs and smart-card readers to intelligent sensors and next-generation, Internet-enabled appliances at a price that is appropriate for mass-market applications,” he added.

Typically, silicon is put down epitaxially on the surface of a raw wafer to provide a surface with high enough quality to form transistors. According to the company the quality of the surfaces it is producing is similar to that of epitaxial wafers but which is produced as a result of the process used to grow the initial ingot.

Takashi Ogawa, principal analyst at Gartner Dataquest's Japanese semiconductor group said: At the research base, these technologies have proved [they have] high performance. However, the issue is the manufacturing cost.”


A spokesman for MEMC said: The technology offers epitaxial wafer performance at a price somewhere between that of epitaxial and polished wafers.”

MEMC is not the only company trying to make wafers that can be used without epitaxial processing. Competitors include Mitsubishi Materials, Toshiba Ceramics and Shin-Etsu. MEMC has developed a process that uses a controlled amount of oxygen in the lattice to getter” atoms that would otherwise form problematic defects.

Ogawa said it is too early to tell whether any of the new wave of high-quality wafers will be taken up by chipmakers. Manufacturing costs and capacity constraints seem to influence the situation. We need more time to judge which type of high quality wafer will be most successfully accepted by the market,” she said.


HILLSBORO, Ore.– TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. today reported a 19% sequential drop in revenues to $65.4 million in the fourth quarter compared to $80.8 million in Q3. TriQuint's sales were 52% below $136.6 million in Q4 of 2000.

As a result, the supplier of gallium-arsenide (GaAs) and other high-performance semiconductors posted a net loss of $59.6 million for Q4, including charges and special items. In Q3, the Hillsboro company had a net income of $6.6 million, and in the fourth quarter 2000, TriQuint posted a net income of $64.7 million.


We expect 2002 will be the beginning of a recovery for our business,” said Steven J. Sharp, chariman, president and CEO of TriQuint. He said the company now expects revenues of $60-to-$65 million in the first quarter of 2002.

Most of the major phone OEMs are predicting an increase in unit sales as the year progresses and as new models are introduced. The optical networking market remains soft. We are beginning to see some recovery in our products for base stations, and our defense business is expected to perform well throughout 2002,” Sharp said. The broadband, microwave and commercial satellite markets are currently soft, but we expect an improvement over the course of the year.”

A production-worthy EUV tool is not expected to be out in the market until 2007–or later, according to analysts. But some chip makers, namely Intel Corp., are looking to get their hands on a production toolbefore 2005.

But some believe that optical lithography is expected to last until the end of this decade, pushing out the need for NGL tools to about 2010, at least according to the 2001 International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) (see Nov. 29 story).

ASML Holding N.V. of the Netherlands is expected to take the take EUV technology from the U.S.-led consortium and develop a commercial tool before the end of this decade. Meanwhile, Japan's Canon Inc. and Nikon Corp. are also separately working on EUV tools as well. Nikon is also developing a competitive NGL technology called electron-beam projection lithography (EPL) technology.

Meanwhile, the EUV laser-source equipment market is also up for grabs–and the stakes are huge.

Today, lithography tools make use of third-party excimer laser sources from Cymer, Lambda Physik GmbH, and others. Laser sources are separate, standalone pieces of equipment that are loosely coupled” with lithography tools.

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